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Our Expert’s Guide to Planning an Outdoor Marquee Christmas Party

A Christmas party can be a fun and festive way to mark the end of the year and celebrate the holiday season. It can be a time to relax and…

Wadworth 2020-22 – Garden Marquees & Stretch Tents for Pubs

Wadworth are an independent family business with 19 managed pubs and over 130 tenanted pubs; with an aim to create brilliant experiences for their customers through the love of hospitality…

Health Hero 2022 – Bespoke Corporate Party Marquee & Structures

Health Hero is a health consultation company that combines digital convenience with clinical expertise to provide people with fast, remote access to expert clinicians when they need it. It was…

Houghton 2022 – Electronic Music Festival Stretch Tents & Custom Structures

Set in the stunning parkland area surrounding a lake in Houghton Hall, Norfolk, hosts the UK’s electronic music festival ‘Houghton’, created by Craig Richards. The festival that was birthed in…

The Great Outdoors, Winter Wonderland Experience, Under Cover

Introduction What is better than feeling all cozy, listening to music and drinking wine all winter long? I’ll wait… Creating the perfect environment to enjoy all the joyous moments you…