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The Great Outdoors, Winter Wonderland Experience, Under Cover


What is better than feeling all cozy, listening to music and drinking wine all winter long? I’ll wait…
Creating the perfect environment to enjoy all the joyous moments you treat yourself to in the winter months is essential and you have just stumbled across the go-to guide on how to make this your reality, lucky you!

Step 1 – Create your own environment, starting from the very core…the structure. 

Using a Marble structure provides you with a blank canvas to go as wild or as minimal as you want with the design, from the interior to the exterior and even the lining. This gives you the chance to entirely create your perfect space, adding all the little details that make it special to you. So whilst the beautiful outdoor nature brings all its winter beauty, you can stay cozy and warm in your bespoke marquee. 

Step 2 – Staying out the cold.

As beautiful as it is, we all know the winter season does come with wet and gloomy weather which we try to avoid at all costs! Not only will our structures keep you out of muddy puddles and keep your heads dry, we have an array of weather-proof flooring you can select from, and discreet heaters that can be placed inside to keep you warm and cozy. 

Step 3 – Lighting up your christmas.

Lighting is a MUST when creating your perfect Winter Wonderland. Having fairy lights draped all over the ceiling of your structure creates a beautiful effect that makes you feel all kinds of cozy and Christmassy. 

Step 4 – A Festive Feast! 

The finale, and most important part of Christmas, is all about the food, lighting the Christmas pudding, and being merry. Creating the perfect environment to enjoy this joyous moment and being surrounded by your loved ones is what is going to bring you the most happiness this Winter. Enjoy!